Our Mission

1.- To promote and deepen greater social, historical and cultural ties between Hispanic physicians in the United States and those in other Spanish-speaking nations in the world;
2.- to educate, instruct and disseminate information concerning the Hispanic scientific achievements and historical influences by means of a newsletter or periodical magazine.
3.- to foster the preservation of the United States of America’s Hispanic cultural heritage;
4.- to promote a greater understanding of the American and Hispanic medical community.
5.- to foster community involvement in both the American and Hispanic societies.
6.- to eliminate prejudice and discrimination;
7.- to promote anti-drug and anti-crime programs within the Hispanic community;
8.- to promote, educate, design and implement seminars, displays, cultural exchanges and meetings for Hispanic medical practitioners ;
9.- to promote the defense of Human and Civil Rights;
10.- to foster aid and assistance on any matter inherent to the particular needs of Hispanic medical practitioners, cultural and social development;
11.- to research and make available all services, (local, state and federal) designed for the Hispanic medical community, and to actively cooperate and assist them with these concerns;
12.- to help with start-ups, promote their establishment and capital formation of Health Centers, when possible.
13.- to promote and encourage the teaching and regular practice of Spanish in medical schools and colleges curricula.
14.- to promote the cultural development and growth of the Hispanic medical community in the United States.
15.- to serve as the source of information and dissemination of all matters concerning the Hispanic medical practice.
16.-to create, install and promote all programs aimed to the expansion of the Hispanic medical community.