At the beginning and for the first year, all members will have the benefits of the services detailed below. More services will be added as available.
  • Membership diploma and credentials recognized by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons..
  • Free attendance to one event per year. This event might be a simposium, a conference or a local congress.
  • Suscription to the monthly newsletter and/or the monthly magazine.
  • Chairing a conference or a lecture.
  • Reduced rates in documents translation from English into Spanish.
  • Reduced rates on secretarial services when available,  and document notarizing, etc.
  • Right to publish a medical paper in the newsletter or magazine.
  • Personal invitation to special social events organized by the College.
  • Information on nationwide medical activities.
  • Creation of web pages at a reduced price.
  • Special rates on car rentals and travel accomodations.
  • Special rates on printing prescriptions forms, business cards, etc.
  • Other benefits as available.