Active Release Technique Sports Massage in Honolulu, Hi

Active release technique also known as ART is a popular technique in treating tendons, muscle, nerves, ligaments, fascia problems through the management of the soft tissues within the patient’s body.

Chiropractor and active release technique developer P. Michael Leahy basically invented this natural therapy to help his patients recover from soft tissue injuries. This technique was later on used on athletes in treating injuries and conditioning their body prior and after their game. Due to the success rate and effectiveness of this massage therapy, it became part of the regular medical care and pleasure offered on public massage parlors and spas.

As the body receives too much pressure from tough activities, various physical problems including injuries arise due to the overuse of the body. Headaches, carpal tunnel syndromes, back pain, neck pain, sciatica, knee problems, shin splinters, tennis elbow and shoulder pain are some of the many physical conditions encountered by active and even inactive individuals from time to time. However, these problems can be treated by using active release technique.

As with other types of massage therapy, ART focuses on bringing relief with each motion. Patients during the therapy are required to move along various positions and should move in accordance with the massage therapist to achieve the best result. The therapist works with the patient’s body through several positions and body movements that are effective in loosening up the muscle, nerves, tendons, and ligaments within the body. This in return results to more flexibility and better body condition. Similar with Acu-Yoga and Thai massage which uses passive yoga, active release technique also treats its patients with movements for a better blood flow and for convenience in releasing muscle tensions on soft tissues.

ART like most Asian massage therapy techniques aims in pinpointing problems with the help of key points. These areas are worked on by the massage therapist in order to evaluate and improve the condition of the patient. Different amount of pressure is then applied on these areas of the body to trigger the faster healing ability of the body and to break down any adhesions within the patient’s body.

Without treatment, overused muscles can cause injuries and changes within the body. These problems are basically found on the muscle, nerves, and tendons of the patient. Quick care and treatment is required in order to avoid and prevent problems such as the shortening and weakening of the muscle, entrapped blood vessels, and tendonitis. After the therapist evaluates these problems through the soft tissues, he or she will then use the appropriate protocol in treating individual problems. There are more than 500 protocols an ART therapist can use on his or her patient depending on each type of problems.

Regular sessions of active release technology are proven to be effective in correcting acute and chronic pain problems in the patient’s body. Treatments varies and depends on the condition and medical needs of the patient although basic treatments take 7-15 minutes on most cases for each area that needs treatment. For best and safe results, make sure that you get a licensed massage therapist.

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